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Performance Film

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Safety Film


Ceramic Film


Decorative Film


Ultra Clear Film

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Technology Film

Benefits from Building Film

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What is the difference between normal glass and tinted glass?

General clear glass can block heat by only 20% (referring to the coefficient of heat transmission from solar radiation SGHC 0.80), but if installing a window film, it can block heat up to 70%, which means reducing costs in air conditioning due to less heat entering It also blocks up to 99% of UV rays, 38% more than glass, which will protect your furniture and family from harmful UV rays.

Can I install curtains instead of film?

Curtains, in addition to adding beauty to the house Provides privacy and can also help prevent heat to a certain extent, but will not be as good as window film because the curtains themselves are not attached to the glass. Therefore, the heat energy will come into the house and spread through the air. Causing the temperature in the room to continue to rise and some people who want to see the outside view Will encounter problems with the curtains open, it's hot. Close the curtains and it's dark. We recommend using film in conjunction with curtains. By using curtains in case you want to block out light or privacy and use film to help prevent heat in another way.

How is Cardinal film better than normal film?

Cardinal Film is a premium grade film developed in the United States by Plastic View International. Inc. uses the same film technology as the curtain film used in flight control towers, which is extremely durable and sharp compared to conventional film.

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