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What is it?

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The Cardinal Club is a membership club that offers privileges for members such as
Special discounts on purchases of products and services through the network of cardinal premium grade film alliances. Special privileges to receive gifts for ordering the installation of Cardinal film.Special discounts on installing Cardinal film. and many more
by Cardinally There are three levels of membership as follows: SILVER, GOLD, TUXEDO, where the benefits of each level are different, with TUXEDO MEMBER being the highest level.

In addition, Club Cardinally members can collect COINS when using the services of Film Cardinal and partners to use as a discount on their next use.

How to join?

​The Cardinal Club is open to all car owners free of charge. Those interested can fill out the form below. It will start as SILVER MEMBER Username will be a phone number and customers can set their own password.

Customers who install all Cardinal film cars will automatically receive GOLD MEMBER status and Cardinal die-hard customers who install more than 5 cars will receive GOLD MEMBER status. TUXEDO MEMBER

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